Annual theme "Paralle Universe"

We Need: Outstanding Artwork, Excellent Design, Outstanding young artists.

We Want: Installation art, Multimedia art, Visual art, Light and Shadow art, Performing art, 3D-Mapping and other works of art that can be displayed at MTA Festival.

Quantity : 5

The Term: from now, until 15 April 2019.

Materials we need: Application form, Resume, Personal Photo, Self-description and comment of your artwork, etc. Pictures or videos of artworks (no less than six pictures and one video)

Application form download address: Baidu net disk link


Extraction Code: 598y

Contact: send the registration materials to (the form of a package named after the name, the pixel size of the picture is not lower than 300dpi)


(1) Some part of the work is not easy to transport, the reactive chemical liquid type of artwork will encounter uncertainties, artists need to take good care of their own works. In case of damage or loss of works during transportation, the organizer shall not bear any responsibility.

(2) Artists who need to arrange the exhibition may come to the venue in advance.

There is no charge for this event. The organizer is responsible for the travel, accommodation and transportation insurance of young artists