Camping With Aliens

01. The same kind of search #
To highlight the strong social scene of the camp, we tried to integrate a range of more participatory public spaces with camping areas.
Fluorescent party, exclusive camping area After Party, bonfire BBQ, drinking wine.
Make your camp life less monotonous. Return to real life and find campers with the same interests.

Photo / MTA Tianmu Music Festival Restaurant area

+$和朋友们一起喝酒,聊天......MTA天漠音乐节除了FestivalPay more attention toCommunication. MTA is not only outputting music, but also a new way for young people to look for their own kind.

   02.Real Regression #

This time, MTA is honest with you and will socialize offline! We integrate a range of highly participatory public spaces and camping areas. To create more scenes for everyone to sit on the ground and talk to each other.

Photo: young people at MTA Tianmu Music Festival

At MTA, we give you a desert camp, give yourself three days to be sincere.

  03. PerfectExperience #

You can come prepared and bring your own tents and daily necessities, or you can choose to put yourself on a light load, because you can buy almost all the camping necessities you can think of at the MTA Tianmu Music Festival.
We provide the following services to all of you in the camp area:
  • Public lighting at night
  • Camp 24-hour Security
  • Domestic Water Faucet
  • Container Shower Area
  • Environmental Protection Toilet
  • Sorting waste collection device
  • Rich drink supply of refined beer
  • Supply of nutritious meals, barbecue, etc.
  • Rental and sales of camping supplies
  • Camp skills display stage
  • The night before the sacrifice of Pre Party
  • Camp full After Party
  • Round-the-clock medical rescue service

Actual shooting of SVIP tent at MTA Tianmu Music Festival 2018

Opening hours of the camp:

Price Of Equipment:

Tent Introduction:

-Special note: MTA camping registration center will provide moisture mats, sleeping bags rental oh-
The Eve Sacrifice
28 June 2019
We're on the Mustafar, Supernova stage.
Prepared the driest and best night sacrifice.

Photo of 2018 MTA Tianmu Music Festival

Instructions For Camping:

1. Camp please exchange camping bracelets at the gate of the camping area;
2. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable, explosive articles, controlled knives, glass bottled drinks, high spirits and other dangerous goods into the camp, and to carry and set off cold fireworks.
3. Book the tent and supporting equipment as soon as possible, otherwise there will be the risk of not booking the hotel and not renting the tent on the spot!
4. The passageway from the camping area to the outside world can be accessed and accessed many times by bracelet, and the passageway from the camping area to the music festival scene can only go in and out once in one day after security check.
5. It may rain during the music festival, please do a good job of rain prevention measures in advance;
6. Watch your valuables and be careful not to lose them.
Camping Process:

1. Pass the security check at the entrance;
2. At the entrance of the camp, check in, pay the deposit and receive the personal camping bracelet;
3. Follow the arrangement of the site staff, move into the tent and start the trip to the camp;
4. Contact the staff to check the tent after the camping. Don't forget to take your garbage away.
5. Refund The Deposit.