MTA Festival Food District
Delicacy In MTA Festival
Huailai County Food introduction
  • 泊爱蓝岛锦湖餐厅(人均:¥50) 地址:怀来县其官厅镇湖滨路1号;
  • 双龙饭店(人均:¥42) 地址:怀来县东花园收费站西500米;
Recommended Drinks: Huailai State Banquet Wine; Begonia Juice

Nansinburg Town Food Introduction
  • Guishui River Ecological Park (specialty: Tiepan chicken, fish, Roast Whole Lamb) address: Dingzhou Yingcun North Reservoir; contact: 13603134689;
  • Beijing Ji Hotel address: Kangqi Road Xiaonan Xinbao police station 150 meters north; contact: 13603134689 or landline: 6854999;
  • Wanli Hotel (specialty: Guanting Lake big pot fish) address: X457 County Road Xiao Nan Xinbao Town Government; contact: 134633 301766;
  • Yongtai Nongjiayuan (specialty: farm dishes) address: Longbaoshan Village; contact: 15100333388;
  • Golden Autumn Ecological Garden (specialty: home cuisine) contact telephone: 15031342146;
  • 9 ecological garden (specialties: Roast Whole Lamb, whole fish banquet) address: Kangqi highway Xiangshui bay Allen winery 50 meters east; contact: 18603136138 / 5933599;
  • Shancheng Hotel (specialty: stone iron pot fish) address: X457 County Road Xiao Nan Xinbao Town Government; contact: 15081388008;
  • Shing Tong Restaurant (specialties: Sichuan cuisine) address: X457 County Road East Garden training Center; contact: 13483334296;
  • Guangyuan Hotel address: near Xiaonan Xinbao Commercial Street; contact: 13393336318;
  • Holy water fish home (specialties: stewed fish) contact: 1383 1392397;
  • Fengzhou Hotel (specialties: Sichuan Xiangyu) contact: 1853 1398060;
  • Shanggu Tianmo Agricultural College (specialties: stewed fish) contact telephone: 15003333081;
  • Shanxi cut noodle Museum (specialties: home dishes) address: X457 County Road City and Rural Hotel near; contact telephone: 1533 620159;
  • Northwest Hua Yi Restaurant (specialty: home dishes, Xinjiang characteristics) contact telephone: 13993095505;
  • Xinyuan Rice Village address: Xiaoqi Ying Village X457 County Road near; contact: 1393 1337276;
  • Gucheng Beach Bath address: Duan Jiazhuang Village 77; Beijing-Tibet Expressway 300m; contact: 13932393708;
  • Address: No. 77, Duanjiazhuang Village; contact: 13833337579;
  • Old Beijing Hotel (specialties: Beijing Home Cuisine) contact: 13261381644;
  • Taste farm dishes (specialty: home dishes) address: small Nanxinbao Town Commercial Street; contact telephone: 18713377688;
  • Western City Old Horse Food (feature: barbecue) contact: 1803 2310 517;
  • Begonia people's address: X457 County Road West 50m; contact: 13513466099;
  • Zhang Dawei Hotel (specialty: lamb chop) address: Xiaonan Xinbao Town Government; contact: 13613136271;
  • Jinhu Hotel (specialty: Chinese cuisine) contact: 13703139381;
  • Saibei Fish Museum address: X457 County Road and Tongzhuang Road junction southwest side; contact telephone: 15133395662;
  • Shunxin Lamb Spine Hot Pot address: X457 County Road Beijing Ji Hotel; contact: 13833341923;
  • Lake people (specialties: stewed fish) address: G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway (near Xiaonan Xinbao Duan Zhuang); contact: 13315339947;
  • Hongsheng Hotel (specialties: home dishes) contact: 1331 339947;
  • Bawei casserole (specialty: home cuisine) address: X457 County Road Huailai Guangyuan Express Hotel 80 meters east; contact: 13785312384;
  • Xinlong Wild Fish Museum (specialties: stewed fish) address: X457 County Road (Northeastern Bordeaux); contact: 1328 3338466;
  • Jin He Bay (specialty: fish) contact: 18231363571;
  • Naval Donkey Meat Hall address: X457 County Road (near Baizhuang Village); contact: 15132339622;
  • Address: G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway (near Xiaonan Xinbao Duan Zhuang); contact: 18601235743;
  • Xiaoyu Hotel (specialty: stewed fish in iron pot) contact telephone: 15010164760;
  • Haifeng Hotel (specialties: home dishes) contact: 13623139773;
  • Daxia Nongjiayuan (specialties: fish, fishers, big pot fish) address: 007, Duan Zhuang Village; contact: 15081327632;
  • Jinlan Hotel (specialty: home dishes) contact: 1372 2311159;
  • Luyan World Restaurant (specialties: big pot fish) address: Badaling Expressway East Garden exit traffic lights turn left 1.5 km north contact telephone: 15075363201;
  • Fuhai Hotel (specialty: home food, Roast Lamb Leg, fish) address: Donghuayuan Town Donghuayuan Commercial Street contact: 13722351138.