Getting Here

In order to make it easier and faster for you to land Moxing.
The hot traffic strategy has come out fresh.
Get to MTA galaxy more conveniently and less
Time-consuming by checking out our transportation guide

No.1 BusThe bus to Moxing, the residents of Moxing can see it before they arrive.
No.1 Shuttle-MTA Residents are able to see The Shuttle that heads to MTA before Arriving.

Departure Place
Shuttle Departure Location

1. Beijing Sihui bus special line
Beijing Sihui Shuttle Bus Location
Location: Jianguo Road, exit A, Sihui Metro Station, Chaoyang District, Beijing
A Exit,Sihui Subway Station,Jianguo Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing

2. Beijing Huilongguan bus special line
Beijing Huilongguan Shuttle Bus Location
Location: exit A of Huilongguan subway station, Changping district, Beijing, to the right and below the overpass
A Exit (right side of the bridge), Changping District,Beijing

3. Zhangjiakou Qiaodong bus special line
Zhangjiakou QiaoDong District Shuttle Bus Location
Location: East Gate of Times Jinmao Shopping Center, Qiaodong District, Zhangjiakou City
South Gate of Shidaijinmao Mall,QiaoDong District,Zhangjiakou city

4. Special bus line in Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City
Zhangjiakou City Xuanhua District Shuttle Bus Location
Zhangjiakou Xuanhua District bus Station to the north 200 meters
200m from the North side of XuanHua District Passenger Station,Zhangjiakou City

Return Trip
MTA Tianmu Music Festival P3 parking lot
Return: No.3 Parking lot, MTA Festival

Type and time of bus tickets
Shuttle Ticket Types

One day round tripTicket
One-day Round Trip
A one-day ticket is divided into three days on June 28, 29 and 30. The fare is 80 yuan per ticket.
One day round trip can be chosen between 28.29 and 30th of June. Ticket price is 80RMB.

Overnight Round TripTicket
Two-days Round Trip
Overnight round trip tickets are divided into two types: return from June 28 to June 29, and return after June 29 to June 30, with a fare of 80 yuan per ticket.
Two-day round-trip bus tickets, 80RMB (depart on Friday and return on Saturday, or depart on Saturday and return on Sunday).

Round trip ticket every two nights
Three-days Round Trip
The round trip ticket arrives only on June 28 every two nights and returns after the performance on June 30. The fare is 80 yuan per ticket.
Three-day round-trip bus tickets, 80RMB (depart on Friday and return on Sunday).

Bus Schedule
Shuttle Time Schedule

On 28 June, the departure time is 15: 00 p.m. with full departure; the return time is 23:00 and 0: 00 in the evening, and the departure time is full. On 29 June and 30 June, the departure time was 10:00 and 12 / 00 at 10:00 and 12 / 00 in the morning, and the return time was 23:00 and 0 / 00 in the evening, and the departure time was full.

Driving Mileage
Traveling Distance

Beijing Chaoyang District Sihui Metro Station exit A Jianguo Road-MTA Tianmu Music Festival scene, one way 102km
A Exit,Sihui Subway Station,Jianguo Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing--MTA festival Venue. One way 102km.

Beijing Changping District Huilongguan Metro Station A to the right under the overpass-MTA Tianmu Music Festival scene, one-way 78 kilometers
A Exit (right side of the bridge), Changping District,Beijing--MTA festival Venue. One way 78km.

Zhangjiakou Qiaodong Times Jinmao Shopping Center East Gate-MTA Tianmu Music Festival scene, one way 116km
South Gate of Shidaijinmao Mall,QiaoDong District,Zhangjiakou city--MTA festival Venue. One way 116km.

Zhangjiakou Xuanhua District Automobile passenger Station 200 meters north-MTA Tianmu Music Festival scene, 93 kilometers one way
200m from the North side of XuanHua District Passenger Station,Zhangjiakou City
MTA festival Venue. One way 93km.

Q: how do I buy tickets?
How to buy ticket?
A:Buy tickets for the MTA Tianmu Music Festival in 2019, and choose to buy a certain type of bus ticket among the drop-down options on the ticket page. Tai Mai has a separate purchase page for bus tickets.
Please select the specified Shuttle Bus Location,while purchasing Shuttle bus and 2019 MTA Festival entry ticket.There is an offical shuttle bus ticket purchasing page on DAMAI Ticket platform.

Q: how do I get on the bus?
How to take the shuttle?
A: Buy tickets to MTA Tianmu Music Festival
Buy MTA festival ticket.
Show the ticket information + ID card in exchange for the bus boarding certificate
In order to get on the shuttle you need to have Purchase of Shuttle e-ticket + ID card.
Arrive at the departure point at the appointed time
Reach the Shuttle location at specified time.
Get in the car and go to Moxing
Get on the shuttle and head to MTA festival galaxy.

Q: do you have a one-way ticket?
Is one-way ticket available?
A: to come and ignore the star must have to go back, escape from the surface of the earth is only temporary. Only two-way tickets can be bought for Moxing bus tickets!
Coming to MTA festival galaxy leaving the planet earth for temporary getaway only. So there is only Round-trip available.

Q: do you have half price tickets for children?
Is there half-priced ticket for kids?
A: no, the green bus involves high-speed travel. In order to ensure that there is no risk of overloading, anyone who gets on the bus needs to buy a full price ticket to ensure a separate seat.
Oh no its not an option, Because our shuttle bus uses highway, therefore in order to prevent passenger overload, Each passenger have to buy full-priced tickets that has individual seats.

Q: can I change the return trip to the site?
Can I change the return journey route from the Venue?
A: No, No.
+$Oh no you can’t change the return location, if you’ve chosen a specific Location to depart then that will be the location you arrive returning from the Venue, can't change the return journey route.

A hint of friendship
Friendly Notice
If it is not due to the influence of irresistible factors (natural disasters, etc.), the departure time is determined, and the organizer shall not bear the responsibility for the delay caused by the personal reasons of the passengers;
Situations due to effect of weather or cases of face majeure. Shuttle leaving time is fixed.Sponsors will not be responsible for.

The bus ticket time automatically generates the round trip ticket with the purchase date, which cannot be changed.
Shuttle tickets are automatically fixed as Round-trip when dates are chosen. There is no option of changing.

The route and arrival time depend on the specific traffic conditions.
Routes and reaching time of the shuttle depends on traffic.

If you have any questions, please consult
If there are further questions involved, please email us

Brush the ID card at the place of departure in exchange for bus voucher, return also need to check the voucher, do not lose it.
Scanning ID cards in order to get Shuttle tickets at departing location. The ticket will be checked for return as well, so make sure you don't lose them.

No.2 Train+$| 开往漠星的列车,星际穿越进行中...
+$No.2 By Train-The train heading to MTA is passing through interplanetary space...

Line OneYou can take the train from Beijing Station (Y535 / Y533) to the "Guanting West Station", and then walk from the Guanting West Station to the "Guanting Town" bus stop, take No. 880, arrive at "Tong Zhuangcun Station", you can walk to the MTA Tianmu Music Festival venue.
Route 1: Take (Y535/Y533) Train from "Beijing Railway Station" arrive at
"Guanting West Railway Station", Then walk to "Guan Ting Zhen" Bus Station, take 880 Bus and arrive at "Tongzhuangcun" Station and walk to MTA Festival Venue.
Line TwoTake the train from Beijing Railway Station (Y535 / K615 / K41) or the train from Beijing West Railway Station (K617 / Y533 / K597) to "Shacheng Railway Station", and then walk from Shacheng Railway Station to the "Huailai Hotel" bus stop. Take the "Huailai Line" bus and arrive at the "bus stop"; Then walk to the "Shacheng passenger Station" take No. 880, arrive at the "Tong Zhuang Village" station, you can walk to the MTA Tianmu Music Festival venue.
Route 2: Take (Y535/K615/K41) Train from "Beijing Railway Station" or (K617/Y533/K597) from "Beijing West Railway Station" arrive at "Shacheng railway station", Then walk to "Huailai Hotel" Bus Station, Take Huailai Line and arrive at "Qichezhan" Station and walk to "Shacheng Passenger Station" Take 880 bus and arrive at "Tongzhuangcun" Station, from there walk to MTA Festival Venue.

No.3 BusHigh speed or low speed, can not resist the pace of ignoring the stars!
No.3 By Bus-NBT or BRT, Ain't nothing can stop us from getting to MTA.

Low speed (low speed) line
880 (NBT)

Zhuxinzhuang bus Station-Shacheng passenger Station
Zhuxin Zhuang bus station--Shacheng Passenger station

Take No. 880 (low speed) bus directly from Beijing Zhuxinzhuang bus stop to "Tong Zhuang Village Station".(friendship tip: never run to Desheng door! That's where Old 880 is located)
Go directly to Zhuxinzhuang bus station to take 880 (NBT) and reach Tong Zhuang Cun Station. (Friendly Notice: Don't go all the way to De Sheng Men that was the old bus station for 880)

880 (low speed) operating time
880 (NBT) Operationg Hours
+$朱辛庄发车时间:07:00 - 17:00(一小时一班)
Departure at Zhuxinzhuang Bus Station: 07 / 00 / 17 / 00 (One hour a shift)
+$沙城客运站发车时间:06:00 - 16:00(一小时一班)
Departure at Shacheng Passenger Station: 06 / 00 / 16 / 00 (One hour a shift)

880 (low Speed) Fare
880 (NBT) Price
The whole process cash purchase ticket 25 yuan, or swipe the Beijing bus card half price to buy the ticket.
Only pay by cash: 25 RMB;Or swipe Beijing local bus card for half price ticket

Along the (highway) 880 (highway)
880 (BRT)
Huilongguan MTR Station (direct) Shacheng passenger Station
Huilong Guan Subway Station- (no need Transfer) Shacheng Passenger Station

Directly at Beijing Huilongguan subway station take 880 (high-speed) bus to the "Shacheng passenger station", then take a taxi or walk 1.5 kilometers to Wanyue square, take the east garden minibus (local people call "ofo") can reach "Tong Zhuangcun station".
Could also use subway to get to Huilong Guan station to take 880 BRT to get to "Shacheng Passenger Station". Then take the taxi or walk about 1.5km to Wanyue mall.Then take Donghua Yuan small bus (Natives call them "ofo's") To reach Tongzhuang Village.

880 (high speed) operating time
880 (BRT) Hours of Operation
+$回龙观发车时间:06:30 - 18:00(半小时一班)
Departure of Huilong Guan Bus Station: 06 / 20 / 18 / 00 (Half hour a shift)
+$沙城客运站发车时间:05:00 - 18:00(半小时一班)
Departure of Shacheng Passenger Station: 05 / 00 / 18 / 00 (Half hour a shift)

880 (high Speed) Fare
880 (BRT) Price
The whole cash purchase ticket 20 yuan, or swipe Beijing bus card 12 yuan.
By cash: 20 RMB; Swiping Beijing local bus card: 12 RMB.

No.4 Self-drivingIf you go to Moxing on your own, you should also pay attention to the speed.
No.4 By Car-Be careful of Speed limit while heading to MTA.

You can navigate to the Tianmu Film and Television Base in Huailai County, Hebei Province. Drive from Beijing to West sixth Ring Road, take Jingli Expressway, take Yingchengziqiao exit, go to Beijing-Tibet Expressway, follow G6 for 14 kilometers, travel 770 meters at East Garden exit X415, about 170 meters after passing through the East Garden toll station. Follow X457 in the direction of East Garden / Guanting Reservoir, turn left (dirt Road) for 600 meters to the end (left side of the road). There is a parking lot near the main entrance.
You can navigate through GPS with "Tianmo Film & Television Park".
Take Jingli Expressway from west sixth ring road from beijing, Exit at "Yingchengzi" Bridge and take "Jingzang" Expressway.The drive 14 kilometers along G6, take Exit East Garden X415, drive further 770 meters to East Garden Toll Station, After 170 meters then head towards East Garden/ Guanting Reservoir and drive 10.6kilometers along X457, turn left and drive 600 meters, Reach the site (on the left hand side of the road). There will be a parking lot near the entrance.

Driving Reminder
Driving Notice

Be sure to take the East Garden exit! In case it passes, remember to turn around in the service area!
Don't forget to get off at Dong Hua yuan! If you accidentally over derived then don't forget to Turn-around of the service sector.
Fans who do not buy parking tickets park their cars to the designated location.
Audiences that didn't Purchase Parking lot ticket just have to park the car in specified location.
After getting off the highway, there will be very large signs, according to the signs to park vehicles.
After Highway, there will be enormous Sign Directing you to the parking lot and you can just park your car there.