Parallel time and space
-Annual theme of MTA Tianmu Music Festival 2019-

Time: 2019.06.28 Nights-2019.06.30 Nights
Venue: Tianmu Natural Scenic spot, Huailai County, Hebei Province

The 2019MTA Tianmu Music Festival is still divided into three main stages: MUSTAFAR, NABOO and SUPERNOVA. Overseas, including Jay Park (US), Tinashe (US), obsidian (JP), Isaac Gracie (UK), including Fang Datong, Chen grains, escape plans, Higher Brothers, new pants and other domestic and foreign musicians, will bring us wonderful performances for 2 days and 3 nights in the desert.

The theme of the 2019MTA Sky Desert Music Festival is "parallel time and space". I hope that the residents of the desert will hear the songs they want to hear in the "parallel time and space" desert, and the people they like walk in the endless desert and camp under the starry sky. In 2 days and 3 nights, we can interact with art installations, experience cool technology products and technology forums, and the delicious food on the spot will also make you reluctant to leave here.
In 2019, MTA Tianmu Music Festival looks forward to meeting you.


President Park, who is online at the same time as Jay Park in terms of appearance and strength.

Tinashe seductive and dangerous Goddess R ü B

Fang DatongHong Kong R / B talent

Chen LiIndependent Folk Goddess

Shuiyao (JP)Japanese ecstasy is Goji

New PantsThe most adventurous idol rock band

Xu Shengen Plan BWho says Idol has no strength?

Escape PlanThe most popular rock band


Higher Brothers"higher brothers" made in China

Flower PorridgeCome out of the mountain and have a congee.

The Landlord's Cat.A small group of happy folk songs

Ai GEBeing good at rap is not just a new generation of rappers.

NINEONE#Creative Female Rapper

Chen XueningMy taverns will always be open for you.

A. MercaderThey're Always Awake.


Isaac GracieA treasure boy from England

WR/OC PresentsWe are original creatorz

Ario ERIOEAurora Boy

Lows0nStill growing high, low goose.

Lee ShanganIndependent Musician

KcBattle king, which is worthy of its name.

And More Representative
We might have more surprises.

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