[registration Time]From now until the end of February
Registration method: this "Supernova Road" event will be through online registration for the first round of screening, each time to select a similar style of 4-5 groups of bands / musicians as offline performance band.

1. Applicants should be new forces with independent music characteristics, regardless of sex, age or school.
2. Candidatures can be created by real musical instruments / electronic devices or performed on-the-spot.

[work Requirement]
1. In addition to classical and pure folk music style, there is no limit to the style;
2. Original works can stand for election, remake works are limited to 1. The copyright of the original works submitted by the performers is owned by the musician;
3. The subject of the candidature is healthy and the content shall not violate the existing laws and regulations of the PRC;
4. All contenders'e-mail entries must be in mp3 audio format, and we encourage the band to publish excellent videos, including, but not limited to, MV and live performance videos, and we will promote them as promotional content.

[registration Method]
Registration method: please email to supernova@mtafestival.com
Email title: [2018 supernova] + artist / band name + band style

[e-mail Content]
Please go to Baidu Cloud disk to download the registration form, fill in the form information and send it to the registration mailbox.
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1yGC9UG-gy1xxI89pnLUV1A
Extraction Code: 0npf

Mail Attachment:
Introduction to artist / band in English and Chinese
2. Artist publicity and performance photos (more than 3, 300 or more)
3. Equipment requirements list / stage site map